Turn-key technical solution for ICO crowdsales
Custom and secure contributor dashboard & smart contracts
Basic features
User-friendly interface
Participation in your crowdsale easy as 1-2-3
Custom smart contracts
Tune your ICO structure: stages, bonuses, lockup period
Ethereum support
Native support with wallets generating of the most popular crowdsale cryptocurrency
2FA authentification
Protect user account by email and Google Auth
All our software passed various audits and battle-tested
Custom emails
Nice way for efficient communication with your contributors
Hosting and administration
We take care of everything: hosting, installation, SSL, DNS management
Advanced features
Multiply cryptocurrencies
120+ cryptocurrencies and altcoins via trustable CoinPayments gateway
Referral program
Reward community for contributors bringing to your ICO
Identify contributors to avoid any legal risks
Live price updates
Update ETH/USD ratio in live to protect contributors of ETH volatility
Need custom solution or want us to handle everything for you?
Our team is ready to share experience with companies and individuals by providing custom development services and/or adoption of our existing solutions to the new business requirements. Our team members covers 5 timezones so we can stay in touch longer. Team's great expertise in ICO industry, blockchain area and software development allows us to keep reasonable prices and short development terms providing very high quality of software and services.
Usually it takes us 1 to 3 business weeks to adopt ICO dashboard to the new ICO, redesign interface to match the brand identity, configure infrastructure and monitoring tools, set everything up on the servers, test the solution together with our customers, fix bugs and release in production. An average price of ICO dashboard adoption and deployment is from 10,000$ to 16,000$ but all projects are unique so the prices may differ. Contact us to discuss your project and get special price for your specific case.
About us
secret_tech is a team of experienced talented developers aimed to provide the best quality software for blockchain world. Our main goal is to make the blockchain user-friendly and secure. We already successfully helped to run more than 10 ICOs all around the world.
Custom dashboard built on top of our open source solution trusted by developers. It’s have all the required features for successful ICO on board.
We create and audit smart contracts for Ethereum blockchain. Our crowdsale contracts battle-tested, passed various security audits and open source.
Custom projects
Our huge expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies allow us deliver MVPs and blockchain projects. Example.
The A* team
Contact us to get more details
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